Can someone suggest some great places to visit in Peru?

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Can someone suggest some great places to visit in Peru?

I need some great suggestions on places to check out when in Peru. I’d like to explore places that are not well known but are must-see. I’m going to Peru on Feb. 8th for a singles tour with A Foreign Affair. I’m not just a travel enthusiast. I’m also seeking for romance.

Going on this trip allows me to do the 2 things most important to me: be in new places and romance. I’m 42 and single. My travels started to feel lonely and I would like to spend great adventures with someone and feel satisfied.

I’ve been a part of AFA for a while and have accumulated enough points to purchase a tour package to Peru. I want to make the most of this trip.

The girl I fancy is from there and due to my points nearing the amount for a tour, I’ve decided that we correspond and meet on the tour. I’m really excited to meet her in person. She’s an amazing lady.

I’m hoping that for this coming tour, everything would work out between us.