Married + Baby boy but going to hookers Weekly!

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Married + Baby boy but going to hookers Weekly!

Hello there,

I am in relashionship for around 10 years, (3 years married)

Have baby boy - 1 years old (Beautifull + I love him)

I am going to hookers around 5-6 years,

Recently I have going to hookers weekly,

All the week I am searching for the perfect hooker..

I opened this thread inorder to stop going to hookers, and to have good marriage..

THis week I decided not to go hookers but I just went to one..

Here I will share my journy, what I am doing to stop this behavior..

I want to stop masturbate also.. I think its like a 'small" drug lead me to the "bigger" drug - hookers..

I believe I can overcome this addiction..

1. I think I am going to hookers friday morning because I used to and because I don't have any other plans..

2. I masturbrate again because I alone with the computer at night and I am bored..

So my two action plans are:

1. Have plans for friday morning with my wife and baby
2. Go to sleep with my wife every day.

I will keep you update..

I know its not going to be easy.. but I am determine to get rid of this!

I have baby boy that I LOVE, I am not in love with my wife, but she is part of me, I have good imes with her, so I am very warm feelings for her and also she is has for me..

I will update here my progress to to get ride of that,

Please comment! every comment will be welcome.. (I didn't talk about this with anyone..)