Meeting John for the second time

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Meeting John for the second time

Hey everyone! My name is Susan. I’m from Cebu, Philippines and I’ll be meeting my foreign boyfriend John next month.

This will be our second meetup. I met him already during AFA’s singles tour in Cebu.
We had a date after the event and he promised to come back and marry me. At first, I did not believe him. Just imagine our distance!

For months, we’ve been chatting through messenger and do a lot of video calls.
This gave me the thought that he is truly interested in me. He even sent a gift for me.
I was really astounded by this act. I guess he’s really into me.

Even if we’re miles apart I learned to realize that I like him more than just a friend.
I don’t care if he’s in 40’s already. What I need is a man who will love me and accept me.
Just last week, he told me he’ll visit me next month. I am nervous yet excited at the same time. I think it’s too soon.
But to be honest, I always look forward to the day we’ll meet again.

Knowing that he’ll do as what he promised before makes me happy and contented.
But I still need your advice guys! If he’ll propose to me, will I accept it?
Do you guys think it’s too early for him to come back and settle down with me?
Please do respond. Thanks!