Moving to another country to be together, advice?

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Moving to another country to be together, advice?


I recently joined a romance tour which was held in Costa Rica. I met this lovely woman from the event and since my visit there, we have been in constant communication. Months have gone by and I admitted my feelings towards her. We’ve been in a relationship since.

Even having found someone, I’m still skeptical with the concept of long distance so I’m planning on moving to her country and live together. In my opinion, I feel as though I can keep a steady relationship if it would be personal instead of being part from each other.

I don’t trust myself in that aspect and I am confident we can work things out together this way. Me and my girlfriend have already discussed my plans on moving there which she happily supports but she told me to weigh out all of my options before pushing through. I’ve considered my financial and family aspects but I was wondering if there are other things I need to consider as well.

Before I go through with this decision, I need advice and some suggestions if I would be making the right choice. Are there other factors I forgot to take note of? Should I wait and move when the time is right? Help me out here guys I really need some help with this. Any word of advice will be taken in greatly. Thank you for your time!