Parents are travelling to meet my foreign girlfriend. Any advice?

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Parents are travelling to meet my foreign girlfriend. Any advice?


I’m visiting my girlfriend in Costa Rica two months from now. We meet on LoveMe and are now in the second year of our relationship. She’s smart, she’s kind, most of all, she’s very family-oriented; a character I really admire the most.

I am a family man myself. I prefer spending my weekends with my family if I’m not on Skype with my girlfriend. In one family get together, I even set up video call in order for them to meet. It went so well that my parents decided to tag along when I told them about visiting her in her hometown.

It’s great to have very supportive parents. They’re really excited about meeting her in person and seeing her country’s beauty. What I’m worried about though is how to brief my parents about Costa Rica, my girlfriend, and her family. I don’t think there’s not much to worry about her and her family. I just want the first introduction to being perfect.

I need advice from people who brought their parents along when they met their girlfriend. Should I fly ahead and give her a heads up on what my parents are like or should I just let her discover on her own?

I’m planning our alone time during my stay too, so that’s not a problem. What I need most is to advise her on how to properly treat them with respect and honesty. Any advice from anyone there?