Thinking of buying my gf abroad jewelry, is it too much?

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Thinking of buying my gf abroad jewelry, is it too much?

I’m currently in a long distance relationship with a woman from the Philippines. Through a romance tour, I was able to meet her in person. We’ve been together for eight months now and I was thinking if it would be the right time to send her something special. I’m a man with expensive taste and of course, I want nothing but the best for my lady.

The number one gift I have in mind is jewelry, but I’m wondering if this idea is too much? My friends suggest that I should send her something a little less expensive first but I can’t deny that a gorgeous woman deserves something equally beautiful.

A few options I’m seriously considering are couple rings, a necklace with her birthstone as a pendant, and a bracelet. Her favorite flowers are roses which I’m also planning to send along with the jewelry, if I do decide to push through with the idea.

What do you guys think? Should I buy jewelry as my first gift to her or is it a bit too much? If I do decide to buy, which one should I give to her? I wasn’t planning to make this into a big of a deal but her birthday is coming up and I’m sort of panicking with what to get her. Tips and suggestions please! I really need some help with this!