Training in the military. Tips for my online relationship?

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Training in the military. Tips for my online relationship?

Hi guys, I’m currently in my mid 20’s and I’ve signed up to train in the military for a couple of months. The only concern I have is my online relationship with my girlfriend abroad. I met her through LoveMe, which is an international dating site I was introduced by my friend about a year ago.

It has always been a plan of mine to join the forces and dedicate myself to serving my country while I’m still young and able. Before I got into a relationship with my girl, my main priority in life was my career. That all changed when I met my girlfriend.

She’s wonderful and has an amazing personality, not to mention, she’s very supportive of my aspirations. While I’ll be away, I won’t be able to communicate with her at all during my months of training. This worries me because I don’t want to lose her and I’m afraid she’ll outgrow our relationship due to the lack of communication.

I badly need some insights and advice about my situation. I’m losing my mind with all the random thoughts that go through my head. I’ve already discussed with my gf about my anxiety on leaving her alone for a few months and she’s nothing but supportive. She keeps telling me not to worry and that she’ll wait for me no matter what.

But I still can’t help but doubt how things will be in time. Are there any scenarios I need to consider? Should I be worrying over this or is it all in my head? My heart trusts in my girlfriend that she’ll be alright but my head just won’t stay quiet on the matter. Guys, I need your help! Tips, advice and suggestions will be awesome! Thanks a ton in advance for your response!